Timber Frame — Post and Beam Construction

Serving NY and Connecticut


Timber Framing is an ancient method of building, using solid timbers held together by mortise and tenons, and fastened with wooden pegs. It is also referred to as Post and Beam construction and has been used as a form of construction in America since the days of the Pilgrims. In the 1970s this traditional way of building was rediscovered as people used the framing not only for structural purposes, but for the beauty and strength of the solid timbers that added to the interior decoration. Robert Campbell can help you design your dream home, from the initial meeting, through budget discussions and design sketches to completion of the design. He can also serve as General Contractor and manage the building of your home, from preliminary site work, erecting the timber frame, helping you with product choices and construction decisions as the job progresses.




Woodhouse, the Timber Frame Company


Robert J. Campbell Jr. & Sons is a Regional Project Manager for Woodhouse, the Timber Frame Company.


Woodhouse specializes in creating beautiful timber frame homes in spectacular settings. Your home will become the expression of you vision with Robert J. Campbell Jr & Sons and Woodhouse as your partners. Woodhouse offers completely custom timber frame homes designed to suit your needs and location. They also offer pre-designed homes which are an affordable alternative to custom design, reducing the time and cost of design.


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